Thursday, July 11, 2013

Guide to Basic Business Letters

By the time you are graduating from college you must be in a position to write an impeccable standard business letter. Your employer will have an easy time offering you an interview or job when they find out that you can comfortably write business letters formulas that are recognized. A basic business letter has a good introduction. This is where you state the main aim of writing that letter. It helps tells the context you want to address such as job interview, complaint or business opportunity and much more. It also includes the details section.

 The details section encompasses the goals of the subject matter. You tell your addressee what you seek to accomplish. A basic business letter structure also has a conclusion or the next course of action you want the addressee to take. For instance, as a student you look out for an interview or job. The main body of the letter kicks off by addressing the recipient as either sir or madam but you are free to use their name if you know them personally or at a formal level. Towards the end mention the documents you have enclosed, closing remarks such as thanking the recipient in advance and let the interest for future contact be known by using a phrase such as I Look Forward to... The finish should have Yours Sincerely, Faithfully or Best Regards. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Write Your Essays Using Creativity

When I was in campus, our Communications Skills lecturer always told us that our essays portrayed the essence of our personality. It was the paper that spoke to the world in words, about what went on in our heads. It was the place where imagination met with reality to come up with a story that people could relate to. She used to tell us that we should mind our words and how we outlined them, as people could judge our character based on them. One of the main points that she emphasized most is that we should avoid topics with negative outcomes. She explained to us that having an edge in essay writing was important, but we shouldn't discriminate against various issues. This included religion, race, politics and others. She made it clear that having an edge was important, but not at the expense of other people’s feelings. “Do unto others, as you want done to yourself.” She used to quote.
She put it in clear and plain words that colleges as well as organizations could not stand students who were rude, and intolerable towards other students and lecturers. Another vital matter that she passed across to us was that we should find ways to turn negative situations in our life into positive ones. She made it clear that most people had gone through personal traumas in their own lives. She encouraged us that even though some of us had gone through family issues, betrayal in friendships, and others we should try to find a way to turn things in a positive way. I felt at ease because of the realistic way that she encouraged us to write our essay. She always emphasized that we shouldn’t write information that was too little, and also that we should avoid being rude and condescending.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Study tips the Geeks use

The world of high school and campus in the past usually revolved around the popular students. They usually had the best table in their cafeteria, the best fraternity house and others. Their demands were usually met without question by their minions and followers. The geeks or nerds as they are also called had always been placed in a corner because of their sharp minds. They had always been teased and made fun of because of their academic abilities. It even reached a point where they were bullied because of their brains. The other students coerced them to do their assignments for them or else they would face their wrath. This led them to be fearful of their bullies, and therefore do as they wished.
In recent times however, since the emergence of the dot com era, the nerds are now at the top of the popular list. Their brains have led to great innovations being made. These include the manufacturing of innovative products such as phones, laptops, and others. One of the most innovative companies in the world is the Apple Inc. company.  Its founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were both considered geeks and outcasts in their colleges because of their academic abilities. It became too much for them that it led them to drop out of college after sometime. Besides their similar first names, they also dropped out of school at the same time and they met through a mutual friend. Their similarities were too many, but that is a story for another day.
Another founder who was considered as a nerd in their school years and later dropped out of college is the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg. His social media site is now earning him billions of dollars annually. If you ask them what their secret to success is, they will give you a long list of reasons. First of all, they focus on studying. Most of their time is spent in the libraries and study rooms carrying out their research. There areas of study are not comfort zones. This is because all they want is to grasp the information they need for their academic papers. They would rather study in secluded places like caves.
The nerds also use mnemonic devices to grasp their information such as songs, poems and abbreviations to remember what they have read. They also ensure that they eat healthy foods and get adequate sleep. They also allocate their study times wisely among the various units they are undertaking. This helps them to give the units that they find to be tough more time than the simpler ones. Time management is like a science to them.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Save Money in College

Going off to college is an aspect of life that most students look forward to. They are finally going to be independent from their parents. They are also going to start their lives afresh with new friends and opportunities. In the process, most students tend to overlook an important factor that comes with their college education-the finances. Some parents usually set up a trust fund for their children from the time they are born. The trust fund’s money main purpose is to cater for their children’s tuition fees. Students as well as their parents tend to forget that there are other important monetary factors that matter when going off to college. These include shopping for college possessions such as text books, food and miscellaneous supplies. They also forget to include other important costs such as accommodation, which are usually not included in the tuition fees. This makes students’ first semester in college, a very expensive one for them and their parents.
As they progress in their academics over the years, the tuition costs keep getting higher. The students need to come up with ways which they can use save some of their money and cut costs. There are various ways which they can implement to save themselves, as well as their parents the agony of having to invest so much money on their academic extras. For instance, the students can apply for partial or full scholarships based on their academic ingenuity or talents that are advantageous to the university. This includes their sporting talents in various sports such as basketball, tennis, swimming, and others. This eventually leads to a positive outcome because the students will achieve their academic dreams, while saving their parents from the financial frustrations of paying tuition fees. The students can also buy textbooks that they require to achieve their academic ambitions from used textbook stores, or from students who are ahead of them by a semester or two. Also most authors have gone digital, and they publish their books online. Some of the books can be found cheaply from online bookstores like Amazon.
Students can also save costs by cooking their own meals instead of buying food from the cafeteria which can be quite expensive eventually. The students can also entertain themselves while in campus by attending the social events planned within the campus grounds instead of going out to the expensive social joints. Making long distance calls is also expensive. Students should use the campus wireless to communicate with their families and friends through social media. Students should ensure that their pockets remain un-dented during their stay in campus.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Job interview tips

         There are very many things that people always look forward to when they are in campus, and one of them is certainly the urge to undertake job interviews and what have you. If you ask anybody he will tell you for free that the main reason why he or she works so hard in campus is for the reason that he always desires to have a good job and hence a good life. It is not something that can be explained by many people, but when all is said and done you must agree with me that getting a job is always the ultimate thing in life.
            I have been able to undertake things without fear or favor and I would love to think that it is never an easy thing to go through an interview. Many people always present themselves well when applying for a job but when it comes to the day of the interview it is always a hard time as it always means that they do a shoddy job.
            Before going for an interview it is important that people learn that it is important that they need to prepare for the same by digging far and wide about the company they work for and so on and so forth. It may not be an ideal way of doing things, but I believe that it is something that can be done when keen consideration is given to it. Researching on a company or firm, its ideals, its history and so on always makes one very confident. Dressing well in comfortable clothes always makes one feel at home as well. I really mean that.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Top ten resume writing tips

             There are so many things that can be said about resume writing but ultimately the ball belongs in the court of the people who do them well. I am talking about the people who write the resumes. It is always a challenge for one to be involved in resume writing but in the ultimate sense of the word there is nothing that can be done if people aren't used to doing things in the right manner. I have tried to think in other ways but I have always come up short.
            Writing a resume require ten simple things. First and foremost the writer must have a positive interest in what he wants to do. Secondly he must undertake some sort of research before beginning the work because that is all that matters. Thirdly, it is important that the person undertakes a wide research in an extensive manner because that is what matters. The fourth thing is that the person in question should look at previous things that have been done in the same field so as to maintain relevance.        
           Next, the person must look for a proper medium of writing, be it a book or a computer. The person in question must then write the resume with all the things that have been researched upon, after which a thorough revision is to be undertaken. It is not an ideal way of looking things for most people, but the final thing before submitting the resume is that one needs to have done it well and allow others to sort of criticize it.