Thursday, April 18, 2013

Write Your Essays Using Creativity

When I was in campus, our Communications Skills lecturer always told us that our essays portrayed the essence of our personality. It was the paper that spoke to the world in words, about what went on in our heads. It was the place where imagination met with reality to come up with a story that people could relate to. She used to tell us that we should mind our words and how we outlined them, as people could judge our character based on them. One of the main points that she emphasized most is that we should avoid topics with negative outcomes. She explained to us that having an edge in essay writing was important, but we shouldn't discriminate against various issues. This included religion, race, politics and others. She made it clear that having an edge was important, but not at the expense of other people’s feelings. “Do unto others, as you want done to yourself.” She used to quote.
She put it in clear and plain words that colleges as well as organizations could not stand students who were rude, and intolerable towards other students and lecturers. Another vital matter that she passed across to us was that we should find ways to turn negative situations in our life into positive ones. She made it clear that most people had gone through personal traumas in their own lives. She encouraged us that even though some of us had gone through family issues, betrayal in friendships, and others we should try to find a way to turn things in a positive way. I felt at ease because of the realistic way that she encouraged us to write our essay. She always emphasized that we shouldn’t write information that was too little, and also that we should avoid being rude and condescending.