Friday, March 29, 2013

Study tips the Geeks use

The world of high school and campus in the past usually revolved around the popular students. They usually had the best table in their cafeteria, the best fraternity house and others. Their demands were usually met without question by their minions and followers. The geeks or nerds as they are also called had always been placed in a corner because of their sharp minds. They had always been teased and made fun of because of their academic abilities. It even reached a point where they were bullied because of their brains. The other students coerced them to do their assignments for them or else they would face their wrath. This led them to be fearful of their bullies, and therefore do as they wished.
In recent times however, since the emergence of the dot com era, the nerds are now at the top of the popular list. Their brains have led to great innovations being made. These include the manufacturing of innovative products such as phones, laptops, and others. One of the most innovative companies in the world is the Apple Inc. company.  Its founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were both considered geeks and outcasts in their colleges because of their academic abilities. It became too much for them that it led them to drop out of college after sometime. Besides their similar first names, they also dropped out of school at the same time and they met through a mutual friend. Their similarities were too many, but that is a story for another day.
Another founder who was considered as a nerd in their school years and later dropped out of college is the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg. His social media site is now earning him billions of dollars annually. If you ask them what their secret to success is, they will give you a long list of reasons. First of all, they focus on studying. Most of their time is spent in the libraries and study rooms carrying out their research. There areas of study are not comfort zones. This is because all they want is to grasp the information they need for their academic papers. They would rather study in secluded places like caves.
The nerds also use mnemonic devices to grasp their information such as songs, poems and abbreviations to remember what they have read. They also ensure that they eat healthy foods and get adequate sleep. They also allocate their study times wisely among the various units they are undertaking. This helps them to give the units that they find to be tough more time than the simpler ones. Time management is like a science to them.